Create Your Legacy

Legacy gifts lay the foundation for MCPHS University’s work. These gifts allow you to provide financial benefits to yourself or your family while you also support MCPHS University. You can reduce your taxes, receive lifetime income, and carry out your charitable wishes.

We can help you find the best way to make your gift, and perhaps to make a gift that will have a greater impact than you thought possible.


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Estate Planning

While estate planning can entail some difficult choices it does provide a sense of relief and peace of mind when it is done. You’ll know that you have done your best to plan and provide for yourself and for loved ones, as well as the causes you’ve cared about during your lifetime.
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Retirement Planning

It’s really never too early – or too late – to do retirement planning. With this in mind, MCPHS offers the following list of basic points to consider.
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Benefits of Giving

A gift plan can provide you substantial tax advantages, especially on gifts of stocks and real estate. The total income, estate, and capital gains tax savings and the probate expense savings can come close to the amount transferred.