Phyllis Mullins

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A Look Back to Move Forward​.

According to Phyllis Mullins, her late husband, John, always said that whatever success he had was due to the background and training he received from the MCPHS.  John earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the MCPHS.  After John’s passing, Phyllis rethought her estate plans with two things in mind.  “I had to make sure my financial obligations were covered, but once that was taken care of, I decided that my remaining funds should go to where they will do the most good.  That’s the main reason I support MCPHS.”  Mrs. Mullins takes great pride in knowing that her gift will make a difference in the lives of future students, just as it did in her husband’s. “Without scholarships, the number of students able to attend MCPHS would be significantly reduced.  The College’s education afforded my husband an opportunity that has benefited us our entire lives.”  

Thinking back on how the College affected her life, Mrs. Mullins recalls, “Of course I remember the years that John was a student, but over time the bonds with the College became stronger.  MCPHS always welcomed me as part of the alumni family, keeping me abreast of major changes and that relationship did not fade with John’s passing.  I can see how much the school has grown over the years which s tells me that MCPHS is doing great things.”  

“When I think about the future of the students MCPHS serves, I do have some concerns.  With the present state of the economy and the effect of world-wide issues, this is a different time than when my husband began his career.  I hope future younger generations will come to realize that along with the sound education they will get from the College, hard work and perseverance will take them far.”  

Making the case for giving back, Phyllis urges other graduates to remember how they got their start in life with their careers.  “We were lucky that MCPHS’ education provided us with means to be charitable not only to MCPHS.  As the years passed we were also able to establish a small scholarship with one of the local colleges.  When we received a ‘thank you’ note from one of the recipients, we knew that we had done the right thing.”

“If I could pass along my life lessons to the younger generation, I would tell them to save a portion of EVERY salary check you earn, do some good for others, cherish your loved ones, enjoy whatever your career might be, and don’t forget to have fun along the way.”